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Chad Imme and Wendy Kurkowski feature in Milwaukee Real Producers.

Milwaukee Real Producers is a franchised real estimate agent publication under the larger umbrella known as the N2 Company. In their September 2022 issue, Chad Imme and Wendy Kurkowski of Guardian Well & Septic were featured in an article that detailed the services Guardian Well & Septic provides in the real estate market. 

Below is a quote from Chad referencing their unique niche in the real estate market. 

“We understand Real Estate transactions and the differences in Property Transfer inspections,” Chad says. “If there is an issue or concern that needs to be addressed, then it will be reported properly but we will not overstep. We understand what is at stake and what our role in the transaction is.” - Chad Imme

Wendy explains further what separates Guardian Well & Septic from other service providers in the world of real estate. 

“It makes us completely unbiased during the inspection process and means every call we get for an inspection is a priority to us,” - Wendy Kurkowski

Well & Septic Services are incredibly important when it comes to the real estate market. Without these services, it would be nearly impossible to properly assess the value of a property. They provide vital information about the condition of a property's septic and well systems, which can make or break a sale. It's amazing how much well & septic services can tell us about a property, and Guardian Well & Septic is available to help us make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

Milwaukee Real Producers is a well-known publication that has been influencing the Milwaukee Area real estate market for many years. It is a monthly magazine that is dedicated to providing up-to-date real estate market information. It features articles from local real estate professionals, as well as helpful tips and advice for buyers and sellers. It also includes market analysis, trends, and news. Milwaukee Real Producers is widely read by real estate agents, brokers, and investors in the Milwaukee area, as it is a trusted source of information. Furthermore, it is often used as a reference when making decisions about buying or selling a property. Its influence on the Milwaukee Area real estate market is undeniable and has helped to shape the industry in the area.

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Milwaukee Real Producers Guardian Well & Septic Article - Sept. 2022

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