Possible Well Water Contaminants

Well Water Contaminants

There are a number of possible contaminants and pollutants that can effect your well water. These can cause a number of issues ranging from irritation to serious health issues. Provided is a short list of well water contaminants and their effects to enforce why well water and well system testing is highly critical.


Metals can be found in trace amounts within the environment naturally. However, heavy metals, such as lead and copper, can cause severe health issues if ingested over long periods of time. These can include kidney problems, mental and physical development delays, liver damage, and high blood pressure. Other metals such as aluminum, manganese, iron, chromium, cadmium, mercury and arsenic can also be present.



Pesticides can contaminate groundwater that feeds a well system, as can nitrites from fertilizers. Nitrites can cause issues with oxygen transportation and lead to shortness of breath. Pesticides can contain arsenic which is highly toxic, amongst other harmful chemicals, which can lead to skin and eye irritation. Another possible contaminate is fluoride. Fluoride is a chemical that is added to water to help prevent tooth decay. However, in excessive amounts, it can cause pain and tenderness of bones and joints. Additionally, other substances such as dyes, solvents, inks, sealants, and disinfectants can contaminate well water supplies.


Bacteria, viruses, and parasites can all contaminate your well water. These can come from human or animal waste, and can lead to gastrointestinal illnesses, infections, and even death. Microorganisms can enter a well water system via sewage leakage, runoff from fields, or seeping through the soil. The most common waterborne pathogen is E. coli, which can potentially lead to vomiting and gastrointestinal illness. Others harmful microorganisms include Legionella, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.

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